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Equipment Finance

We are here to help you find the right financial option for your business.


V4B Business Finance puts together bespoke asset finance packages that enable businesses to invest in the equipment they need for growth.

By spreading the cost of major purchases, you can develop your business without decimating working capital or jeopardising cash flow.

You’ll get the equipment or other business assets you need to invest in the future now instead of having to wait indefinitely until you can make an upfront lump-sum payment.

Benefits of asset finance:

When you might need asset finance

There are many situations in which a business could benefit from asset finance to free up cash flow by spreading the cost of a purchase over an agreed period.

For example:

  • You lack the cash for a large purchase or are concerned about a heavy draw on working capital to buy equipment you ideally need immediately.
  • You want to grow your business faster with no upfront costs.
  • You need to replace outdated equipment with expensive new equipment.
  • You need equipment to create a new revenue stream.
  • You need to keep up with technological developments.

What can asset finance be used for?

You can use our asset finance to buy any type of new or used equipment or other assets your business needs. Depending on your type of business, this may include:

  • Office equipment.
  • Office furniture.
  • IT equipment and software.
  • Communications systems.
  • Building refurbishment.
  • Vehicles.
  • Industrial plant and machinery.

Benefits of asset finance

Asset finance can be a big help for small businesses who need access to a range of equipment in order to grow. But businesses of any size looking to keep close control over working capital and cash flow can benefit from equipment finance.

For instance, you may miss out on a new market opportunity because you can’t afford the assets necessary to meet the demand. Asset finance allows you to acquire the equipment you need to take advantage of new openings as they arise.

Asset finance also empowers you to expand faster without damaging cash flow, and you get the money you need immediately.

You could also use asset finance to gain a competitive advantage by investing in advanced technology.

Asset finance vs renting and HP

Asset funding can have certain advantages over other forms of financing such as hire-purchase or renting equipment.

Over a long period, renting can turn out to be an expensive choice. Hire purchase also costs more than paying for equipment upfront.

Buying equipment outright is also simpler, and it becomes a business asset – you can earn money by selling any items you find you no longer require.

Why choose V4B Business Finance?

Many businesses become frustrated because there never seems a right time to acquire new equipment or other assets. Or the cost of upgrading appears prohibitive.

In situations like these, V4B Business finance can find you the ideal solution – a custom package to suit your needs in making any type of asset purchase.

As a leading credit broker, we have direct access to underwriters who can give you the best deal. And you’ll get a dedicated, experienced account manager – and your money as fast as within 24 hours.

Other benefits of asset finance through V4B Business finance include:

  • Free, impartial advice.
  • Low-cost facility with repayments you can afford.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • No loan arrangement fees.

Need to know more about the benefits of using V4B Business Finance for asset funding? You can call us on 01978 668 939, email or get in touch online.

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