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VAT Funding

We are here to help you find the right financial option for your business.

We can help spread the cost of your VAT over 3 monthly payments

V4B Business Finance provides VAT funding that enables businesses to improve cash flow by spreading the cost of quarterly value-added tax bills for sold goods and services.

You can borrow from £10,000 to £1,000,000+ over 3 months. As long as you have an annual turnover of at least £250,000 and good personal/business credit history, we’ll be able to assist.

Companies large and small are increasingly turning to VAT loans to free up money to allow more investment in their business. VAT funding also avoids the problem of HMRC surcharges for late payments.

Benefits of vat funding:

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VAT payment problems faced by businesses

On paper, the VAT you charge should balance out against your VAT bill on services or products. In reality, this rarely happens.

Sometimes, a VAT bill larger than anticipated may jeopardise businesses finances or you may not have the capital needed to pay your VAT on time because of unexpected financial pressures.

In situations like these, VAT finance gives businesses a critical lifeline.

Challenges of the switch to Making Tax Digital

A further potential problem with VAT– particularly for small businesses and self-employed individuals – is the largely compulsory switch to Making Tax Digital (MTD) software.

As part of the government initiative to digitise VAT and income tax systems, MTD will fundamentally transform the way tax administration works, heralding the end of the old tax return.

While presented as a benefit to businesses by streamlining the tax system, Making Tax Digital has resulted in concerns such as the extra cost of online accounting software.

A VAT loan or a loan for business equipment could help make your transition to MTD run more smoothly.

Why you might need a VAT loan

Businesses often need VAT finance to overcome the problem of lack of working capital if they pay a VAT bill in full.

These concerns can arise through:

• Not being fully prepared for an upcoming VAT bill.

• Your business has been hit with an unexpected expense.

• You’ve had a slow quarter.

Benefits of VAT funding

A short-term business loan to cover VAT payments provides the cash businesses need to continue to invest in new assets or developments while still meeting their VAT obligations.

VAT funding enables businesses to hold onto cash in order to strengthen competitiveness, growth and expansion.

A VAT loan can help you to:

• Enhance overall cash flow.

• Invest in major purchases.

• Improve productivity.

• Avoid VAT penalties during periods of slow cash flow due to seasonal demand.

How our VAT loans can help your business

V4B Business Finance offers VAT funding from £10,000 to £1,000,000-plus with monthly repayments over three instalments

We routinely provide millions of pounds a year in VAT loans that help many companies grow their business – from multi-national corporations to medium-sized operations and small, niche businesses.

These loans are unsecured – so you don’t risk forfeiting business assets – and applying for a loan won’t damage your credit rating.

We can approve VAT loans within 24 hours, and our consultants can help you customise the most suitable package for your needs.

We work with major underwriters, which means fast, stress-free VAT funding for your business, with competitive, transparent interest rates and flexible terms.

To find out more about how our VAT loans could benefit your business, phone 01978 668 939 or email

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To apply, your business must have a minimum annual turnover of £250,000 & at least 2 years of trading history.

Applying will not affect your credit rating and our business funding is unsecured, however you should be a homeowner with a good personal/business credit history for maximum chance of approval.