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Work in progress (WIP) / Debtor Funding

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Work in Progress (WIP) finance or as it’s sometimes known – debtor funding, can be used to support cash flow and release funding by generating revenue against unpaid invoices.

Buoyant cash flow is essential to a fledgling or growing business and a lack of invoices being paid on time can create unnecessary stress for business owners.

A welcome cash injection for a project which is currently being worked on, in the form of WIP finance, can ease pressure and enable businesses to stabilise cash flow with a boost in working capital.

WIP finance is suitable for any business which operates an invoicing procedure, or which has its own finances tied into work in progress. Business Finance – A V4B Company has helped thousands of companies including solicitors, construction firms, accountants and IT suppliers. Decisions on funding are usually made within 24 hours and each case will have a dedicated Business Finance – A V4B Company account manager.

Benefits of WIP/debtor funding:

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