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Work in progress (WIP) / Debtor Funding

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Work-in-progress (WIP) funding through V4B Business Finance gives companies a crucial cash injection as they wait for customers to pay bills.

WIP financing – also known as debtor funding or invoice finance – generates revenue based on invoices for current work that is yet to be settled.

This eases the financial burden of unpaid invoices by boosting working capital. It also stabilises cash flow to put your business in a better position to pay operating expenses.

Benefits of WIP/debtor funding:

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How does WIP funding work?

Unpaid invoices are often an untapped asset on a business’s balance sheet.

Work-in-progress financing solves this problem. It provides funds based on what your costumers owe you. This frees up cash vital to drive growth and cover day-to-day expenses.

In releasing immediate finances, WIP funding avoids having to wait weeks or even months to get your hands on the cash.

Using an unpaid invoice as security for funding gives you fast access to a high percentage of the invoice’s value to facilitate cash flow or investment.

Businesses that need invoice finance

Many companies find they need invoice finance, including:

  • Start-ups and scale-ups.
  • B2B (business-to-business) suppliers.
  • Businesses offering long payment terms.
  • Companies with low working capital reserves.
  • Businesses with short-term cash flow issues.
  • Companies that need upfront capital.
  • Businesses with seasonal demand.

Any type of organisation that operates on an invoicing basis – especially those with finances tied into long-term works – can benefit from invoice finance. These businesses include:

  • Law firms.
  • Accountants.
  • Architects.
  • IT suppliers.
  • Recruitment companies.
  • Construction companies.
  • Printing and stationery suppliers.
  • Office cleaning companies.
  • Security businesses.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Warehouses.

Benefits of debtor funding

Debtor funding is one of the most widespread business financial solutions to overcome the issue of cash flow bottlenecks.

By mitigating the effects of having to wait for payment for goods or services, WIP finance also plays a key role in avoiding a drain on working capital.

It provides vital cash to unlock capital and improve cash flow in order to avoid financial difficulties and keep your business ticking over.

It gives you a simple way to keep money in the bank and cover costs while waiting for payment, which may often take longer than expected.

Benefits of V4B Business Finance Work-In-Progress funding

Custom WIP finance packages secured by V4B Business Finance have eased the burden of chasing invoices for thousands of companies over the past 30-plus years – businesses of all sizes, in most sectors.

We can quickly turn your unpaid invoices into ready cash by finding the best work-in-progress funding deals from leading underwriters.

This enables your businesses to cover financial squeezes resulting from big orders or delays in payment. It frees up cash flow instantly and generates immediate working capital while avoiding using a bank overdraft.

Decisions on WIP funding are usually made within 24 hours. Eligible applicants get a dedicated account manager, and funds are released immediately.

How to contact us

The V4B Business Finance customer service team can answer any questions you may have about work-in-progress funding.

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To apply, your business must have a minimum annual turnover of £250,000 & at least 2 years of trading history.

Applying will not affect your credit rating and our business funding is unsecured, however you should be a homeowner with a good personal/business credit history for maximum chance of approval.