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We work with a variety of partners and schemes, making sure you get the right loan for you.

Hassle-Free Funding, Fuelling Your Ambition

Whether you’re looking to purchase new equipment to improve your business, or you’re looking for some funding for your firm, we have a loan for you. Our priority is making sure you get the loan that suits you best – our 95% acceptance rate helps with this.

By working with a variety of funding partners, we can provide a range of commercial facilities to unlock your business potential.

Our personable service means we can boost your cashflow, grow your business, spread your payments and give you time to pay.

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How We Help Businesses

We have worked with a solicitor client for many years who had serious cash flow issues. They had been taking ‘flash finance’ with many different brokers who were all in it for the one-off facilities.

We sat down with the client, reviewed the financials and worked out an action plan. We stopped the ad-hoc finance agreements and started to place the correct cashflow product with appropriate funder on the correct term. This then gave them breathing space within their cashflow.

We worked on this over several years with the client, helping to build up their cash reserves and reducing the amount borrowed annually to a point that after 4yrs the client now only borrows to invest in the business e.g. IT or expansion.


They are now a very cash-rich business with very minimal borrowings, who now come back to us as their first port of call for opportunities to borrow to further expand the business.

"V4B not only helped save the business but enabled the business to thrive and expand to become one of the largest and most trusted solicitors in Kent…."
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We are here to help you find the right loan for your business.

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