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We are here to help you find the right financing for your firm

We provide business loans for Accounting professionals

V4B Business Finance provides funding solutions that help Accountants grow their practice.

As an Accountant, you know all about the benefits of sound financial management. As funding experts, we can help you optimise cash flow while financing major costs. We understand the financial challenges Accountancy practices face – and how to overcome them.

Although you devote your time to crunching numbers, your own finances may not be so well balanced due to factors such as fluctuations in demand for your services. This can make cash flow and financial planning difficult.

We can fix problems like these by sourcing an Accountancy practice business loan to match your requirements.

Benefits of our accountant loans include:

  • Improving cash flow during quiet spells.
  • Enabling partner buy-ins or buy-outs.
  • No need for collateral such as your business assets.
  • Stress-free application process that won’t damage your credit score.
  • Up to a million pounds available.

Types of Accountant loans we offer

We provide several types of loans tailored to the needs of accountants.

Debtor Funding

Cash flow can be a particular problem for Accountants. Work tends to be seasonal, with a lull after the end of the tax year. But there’s no break from the regular costs of overheads. And clients may take their time paying for your services.

Also known as Work-In-Progress (WIP) finance our debtor funding – smooths cash flow by advancing funds against money owed by your clients and monthly payments set at a fixed rate to equalise the cash position and advance your plans sooner without affecting the need to apply further pressure on clients to pay up sooner.

Practice Acquisition Finance

You may feel like a glutton for punishment and be looking to take on more fees so we are able to build a practice acquisition loan to help bring new clients on board. This can be a whole practice or a block of fees.

Whichever stage you are at we can cover the initial tranche of funding including the goodwill element and assist with ongoing anniversary payments, right through to the final payment once figures have been agreed between parties.

This is one of the best reasons to use a facility with V4B Business Finance. You get the money we organise to support the transition, retain your capital, have a fixed-term unsecured loan for better budgetary control to aid forecasting and use it to make more money for your firm as a result.

It is up to you to manage the transition and make it work to import your fees into the current set up but we have the finance side covered so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Partner Buy-out and Buy-in loans

Obtaining finance for a partner buy-out or buy-in can be a lengthy process with some lenders and others may be reluctant to offer these types of loans.

At V4B Business finance, you won’t encounter those problems. We can facilitate fast loans for accountants to buy out a partner or fund a new-partner buy-in while safeguarding business cash flow.

Office Equipment Finance

Buying quality office equipment and furnishings has the advantage over leasing that it becomes a business asset. However, equipment like computers and printers and specialised accounting software with operating licenses and renewals don’t come cheap.

V4B Business Finance can find you office equipment loans at competitive rates so you can get the new equipment you need without paying upfront costs.

We also provide:

Tax Loans.

VAT Funding.

Office Refurbishment Funding.

Interested In A Loan?

V4B Business Finance is an experienced credit broker. We use our expertise to find underwriters offering the best fixed-rate loan deals for Accountancy consultants.

You’ll get a decision fast – often within a few hours – and £10,000 to £1,000,000 can be in your bank the same day.

We’ve provided thousands of businesses across the UK with customised credit solutions and easy access to financing.

From investments such as partner buy-ins/buy-outs and office refits to tax bills and debtor funding, we can find the right bespoke funding solution for you.

Our customer service specialists will be on hand if you have any questions – phone 01978 668 939 or email Contact us to find out more about Accountancy practice financing.

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We pride ourselves on thousands of happy clients over 30 years of operation. Our team are experts in building relationships with our clients and providing the best credit options available.

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To apply, your business must have a minimum annual turnover of £250,000 & at least 2 years of trading history.

Applying will not affect your credit rating and our business funding is unsecured, however you should be a homeowner with a good personal/business credit history for maximum chance of approval.