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V4B Business Finance facilitates acquisition funding for businesses looking to expand without jeopardising cash flow or capital budget commitments.

These loans can help you extend your business’s reach by acquiring another business to increase operations and market share or explore new markets in order to boost profit margins.


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Benefits of Aquisition Funding

Acquiring another business is a complex process. It entails many financial and legal details and procedures. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your financing for the deal. However, it can be difficult to get an acquisition loan. High street banks may be reluctant to come up with the money, and with some lenders it can be a drawn-out process. Acquisition funding from a reputable commercial lender solves these problems. Securing an acquisition loan is also time efficient. It saves time you would otherwise have to spend trying to generate sufficient capital to purchase the target business.

This immediate funding means you can begin to reap the benefits of your new company sooner. Besides increasing revenue, these potential advantages may include:

Expanding expertise by gaining competencies that your business may currently be lacking.

Opening up new markets by acquiring new resources and capabilities.

Gaining access to capital or other assets from the target business to aid development.

Diversification of products or services.

Consolidating market presence and increasing market share.

Access to more sophisticated technology.

Cutting production costs.

Meeting stakeholders’ expectations on company growth.

Unsecured loan – you won’t have to use business assets as collateral.

Partner Buy-Out Funding

Another form of acquisition loan is funding to buy out a partner in your existing business.

Having a business partner can be beneficial in the early development of a business. For instance, management responsibilities can be shared in the drive to generate more trade. But as things settle down and running the business becomes easier, you may want sole ownership.

A partnership buy-out is the solution, and it can have many advantages, including absolute control over business decisions and a full share of profit. As with all types of acquisition finance, getting a bank loan for a partner buy-out can be tricky. V4B Business Finance, on the other hand, welcomes applications for partnership buy-out funding.

Why V4B Business Finance?

V4B Business Finance brokers work with leading underwriters to get clients stress-free financing for business acquisitions or partner buy-outs.

This allows you to focus on all the other aspects of securing your new venture rather than worrying about financing the transaction. You’ll get your acquisition funding fast – within 24 hours – so you can secure your target business with no delays.

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We build long-term relationships with all our clients enabling a clear understanding of your business and your needs. We like to think of our relationships with clients as partnerships, offering a service, which is unique and personal, provided by knowledgeable, experienced consultants with several years of funding experience in arranging business loans.

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