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Boosting Funding for Welsh Enterprises on the Journey to Net Zero

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A pioneering grant initiative is aiding businesses in Flintshire as they strive towards achieving net zero emissions.

Administered by Antur Cymru Enterprise with support from Pathway to Carbon Zero Ltd and Litegreen Ltd, in partnership with Flintshire County Council, the Carbon Reduction Feasibility Fund is facilitating this endeavour.

The Flintshire Fund has secured £297,294 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Local companies are eligible to apply for grants of up to £5,000 to assist in devising carbon reduction strategies.

This funding can be utilised by enterprises to procure specialised consultancy services aimed at enhancing sustainability practices. Additionally, it offers guidance on infrastructure, energy consumption, and the adoption of systems and methodologies to diminish carbon footprint, thereby enhancing profitability.

Rowan Jones, Fund Manager, stated:

“Our objective is to aid businesses in their pursuit of carbon reduction, whether they are already progressing towards net zero or embarking on this transformative journey.

“The funding will facilitate the engagement of expert consultancy services and the development of Carbon Reduction Plans, which will entail an evaluation of current practices and facilities. This encompasses areas such as recycling, operational procedures, behavioural adjustments, investments, energy management, renewables, skills development, and other factors conducive to fostering sustainable operations.

“Feasibility studies will receive 80% funding through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, with businesses expected to contribute a 20% match funding towards the total cost.”

Jones further commented:

“The initial feedback has been exceedingly positive, and we encourage as many Flintshire businesses as possible to seize this opportunity.”

This initiative aligns with the Flintshire Climate Change Strategy 2022-2030, which endeavours to curtail energy consumption and emissions from local firms by promoting energy-efficient measures, renewable energy sources, and behavioural shifts.

Antur Cymru Enterprise also administers an R&D (Research and Development) and Innovation Support Fund for Flintshire-based organisations seeking to explore novel ideas, products, or processes, yet uncertain of how to progress. Additionally, another scheme is slated for launch, focusing on business networks, knowledge dissemination, and workshops centred on carbon reduction and R&D.

“We are dedicated to supporting enterprises, especially small businesses, recognising that transitioning towards sustainability and environmental stewardship can entail significant costs and time investment,” remarked Rowan.

“Guiding them on the right trajectory, while incorporating R&D and technological advancements, will help future-proof their operations, which is the ultimate goal of these programmes.”

For further details and application inquiries, please contact flintshire@anturcymru.org.uk or call 01352 871298.

Alternatively, follow Antur Cymru Enterprise on social media @anturcymruwales or visit the website: www.anturcymru.org.uk.

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