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Architecture case study

Architecture Business Financing – Facilities Case Study

At V4B Business Finance we have worked with many award-winning architects to help bridge the gap between their initial investment and eventual payout. Architects are some of our best and favourite clients because we get to help them achieve their vision and create something amazing.

One of our architecture clients recently received a loan from us for £100,000 to help them finance a new design team. The cash infusion gave them the liquidity to hire new staff and invest in some amazing virtual reality showroom technology. This meant they could walk potential customers through their designs, offer virtual guided tours of their previous work and generally wow people with their technological prowess.

Investing in this new technology opened up an infinite number of new possibilities for the firm but it never would have been possible without a loan to prevent any disruption to their cash flow. If the architecture firm had waited until they had the extra capital on hand they would have missed out on the benefits offered by this new technology. In an industry where a single missed opportunity can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds to the firm, that is not an acceptable loss.

Simply being able to express their work in a different and far more visual way than plans and flat imagery has given them a distinct advantage over other more traditional firms and allowed them to show off their skills to new clients. Plus showing clients a 3-dimensional version of a project allows for a more immersive and exciting sales process.

Tailored Facilities Financing

We helped secure the most advantageous loan terms for our architecture client which allowed them to spread their payments over a fixed period with set monthly bills. The money was deposited directly into their account so they were able to make their purchases immediately with no red tape. Plus the loan was eligible for tax relief which further saved our client money. Our facilities loans are also super flexible so they can be used for most business-related expenses. This allows you to cover a variety of costs quickly under a single loan.


Once the money was made available, our clients were able to immediately start the hiring process for their new design team. They also got their new virtual showroom up and running quickly as they were able to afford all the hardware and software needed. Now they are using the new staff and tech in tandem to better sell to clients and express their unique architectural vision. That means no more balsa wood models or virtual flythroughs with AutoCAD. Now clients can walk through their building in real-time before the ground is ever broken.


Architects often deal with unstable cash flows that can make investing in their business difficult. This is just part of the nature of their profession. However, letting the peaks and troughs of your finances dictate how you invest in the future of your firm can leave you lagging behind the competition. Low-cost loans are a great way to smooth out your cash flow without overextending. Plus they allow you to bring in new talent and technology or simply make necessary updates to your company.

If your architecture firm has been putting off investing, remember that you may actually be costing your company money. If a cash outlay can help improve your customer service, increase your capacity or simply decrease employee turnover, it is often worth taking a loan rather than waiting to save up the cash.

At V4B Business Finance we can also offer loans to help your firm spread its tax & VAT liabilities. This allows the company to retain their own money for longer so it can invest in staff or new projects.

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