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The Big Lemon Bus Loan

Asset Finance – Case Study

At V4B Business Finance we love helping companies that are working to make the world a better place. Our most recent opportunity to do this was with The Big Lemon C.I.C. which works to provide electric and other environmentally friendly buses across the UK. The Big Lemon was the first company to launch a solar power bus in the UK and we were able to assist them in expanding their service.

We were able to help provide a facility which allowed The Big Lemon to acquire 8 service buses to expand their fleet. With these, they will be able to move closer to their goal of providing affordable and environmentally sustainable bus service to a variety of local areas.

This loan allowed The Big Lemon to take a step forward without having to jeopardise their cash reserves or disrupt cash flow. The new buses can also provide an enhanced revenue stream which will allow the business to expand more rapidly and take advantage of previously underserved markets. The new buses also mean more jobs in the community and more sustainable transport for people living along the routes.

Bespoke Asset Financing

We not only helped The Big Lemon secure a great loan, but we were also able to complete the facility within a single week. This allowed them to focus on their business without having to take part in time-consuming meetings or cut through lots of red tape.

Our expert in asset finance, Paul Ricci, helped guide The Big Lemon through the process and found them the loan they needed quickly. Tom and Ryan from The Big Lemon said, “We are grateful to Paul Ricci for sourcing a suitable Finance facility in such a short space of time and look forward to working with him in the future”.


The 8 buses have already been put to work serving 4 brand new routes in Bristol. This means they will be able to use the revenue from those routes to help improve cash flow and pay off their loan. The new routes will also help to increase their brand exposure which in turn could lead to a greater demand for their services. That means more eco-friendly transport and more revenue for The Big Lemon.


Companies that rely on large and expensive assets, like the buses used by The Big Lemon, often find themselves having to wait to invest in their future. This has a substantial opportunity cost as well as limiting their ability to grow their business.

Saving up money for a big expense ties up capital and waiting until you can afford a large expense simply means you struggle to grow. Low-cost loans provide you with the capital you need immediately which allows you to expand your business without impacting your cash flow.

If your company has been waiting for the right time to acquire a new asset or the cost of upgrading your existing equipment seems prohibitive, contact V4B Business Finance today. We can find you the right loan with payments you can afford at a great rate.

At V4B Business Finance we can also offer loans to help your firm spread its tax & VAT liabilities. This allows your business to retain its own money for longer so it can invest in staff or new projects.

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